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Making a Bigger Impression in the Canadian Programmatic Landscape

XPETO is an advanced programmatic solutions provider with focus on increased brand awareness, recall and consumer engagement. By employing innovative digital marketing concepts, techniques and platforms we help our clients increase, engage and penetrate their

consumer base. XPETO combines technology with real-time user analytics to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns that produce quantifiable results by effectively targeting audience through the entire consumer journey / funnel.

Our Services

XPETO leverages the power of data to drive performance and sales.

XPETO Display

XPETO delivers laser-targeted, high quality impressions across every major exchange.

XPETO Mobile

Reach your target audience on their most personal portable device.


XPETO can boost the power of your TV buys online with a variety of digital video solutions.

Audience Insights

Xpeto provides actionable, real-time behavioral insights about users and sites visitors that have an impact on a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Our People


Xpeto at Media Experts
is a great place to build a career.

We are committed to developing great media minds because the success of our customers, and our own business, depends on the knowledge and passion of our people. We accomplish this development through a collaborative environment across our offices, systems, specific strategic skills training and stimulating challenges.

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